Interior House Painting

Interior Painting Company Chula Vista

Painting the interior of your house is a job that is typically left for the weekend, but it's easy to underestimate the time that painting a room (or multiple rooms) will take. Too often, a simple weekend project can turn into a months-long nightmare. Don't put yourself through the headache of planning, prep work, color selection, multiple trips to the store for more supplies, and redoing walls because of uneven sheen or lap marks. Let us come out and take care of your interior painting job quickly and efficiently. We'll get your room or whole house painted and cleaned up in no time.

Interior walls can be easy to paint when you are just doing a simple coat. But there are other interior surfaces that require more skill and detail than a flat wall. Paneling, doors, trim and crown molding, and cabinets, to name a few. And depending on the rooms you are painting, you’ll need to use different sheens that are best suited to each space.

Interior Paint Selection

Prep work and following the right processes are the key to a great paint job that last for many years. We follow these procedures on every job we perform to ensure a great finish on every room we paint:

Drop Cloths and Clear Walls: We don’t want dust or paint getting where it doesn’t need to be. Our house painters’ first step is to lay drop cloths and plastic over the floors and furniture in the space we are painting, and we will carefully move furniture away from the walls to ensure that we have adequate space to work safely.

Prep the Walls: Since a smooth wall surface makes for better paint adhesion, our interior house painters will then prep the surfaces before painting. We do this by sanding, scraping or applying skim coats where necessary to ensure a flat surface that will give the best final finish.

Apply Interior Paint: Our expert interior house painters will start to apply the paint via roller and brushes. The duration of this step depends on the surface being painted and the type of paint used. We always work quickly and efficiently, but there are times when we need more time to make sure the end result exceeds your expectations.

Clean-Up: Clean up is one of the most important steps. We've seen too many careless painters that leave spills, tape lines, and splatter on adjacent walls, We want to make sure your house looks like new without a trace that we were even there. We take pride in leaving your space cleaner than when we arrived.